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Solar lunar almanac prediction

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Computes circumstances for selected lunar eclipses at any given location Computes almanac data for major solar system bodies and  Complete Sun and Moon Data - Sun or Moon Rise/Set Table - Altitude/Azimuth. Moon rise and set times, Moon phases, eclipses, seasons, positions of solar system objects, and other data Computer almanac for PCs and Macs, and more. Data Services - For DoD Users - Software Products - Navigation. 6 days ago Eclipse Visibility Maps from The Astronomical Almanac (PDF).

August 21 Total Solar Computes circumstances for selected solar eclipses at any given location. Lunar Eclipse Computer Computes circumstances for. and, lunar phase information for any year between and see the Astronomical Almanac On-line Glossary, Rise, Set, Transit, and. SOLAR/LUNAR ALMANAC PREDICTION SOFTWARE. The Lunar Daily Illumination Graph displays solar illuminance (lux) vs.

time for a hour period. Four values of illuminance are displayed as follows: Clear to scattered clouds % illuminance (METAR: SKC-FEW). AAF (KOZR). Lunar Daily Illumination Graphs (Updated Weekly) November All products based on Solar/Lunar Almanac Prediction (SLAP) software.

The US Naval Observatory's Solar-Lunar Almanac Core is used to calculate sun and moon positions and illumination values.

This includes the Shadow Overlay. Old Farmer's Almanac Moon, Sun, & Planets: Rise and Set, Full Moon, Moon Phases, Eclipse Dates. Almanac Sunrise, Sun Transit, Sunset, Moonrise, Moon Transit, Moonset and Tidal Predictions Date and Time of the 24 Solar Terms. As with any attempt at making predictions, this paper will inevitably reflect the .

An example of this is the Solar-Lunar Almanac Core (SLAC), available only to.


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